The Brenderup Globe - the landmark of our beautiful area and town

The Brenderup Globe at National Day June 5

The Brenderup Icon

The Brenderup Globe is symbolic of openness and solidarity.

The Globe is constructed of 9 “hoops”, cut out of Cortén steel plate 2,5 cm. The Globe is 5 meter in diameter. From this 2-dimensional plate, the Globe rises in its 3rd dimension in one single expression, which provides the sculpture with a thrilling dynamic: when passing the Globe, the 9 hoops will move individually – also at nighttime – when light transforms the Globe.

The Globe in its corrodes expression has become part of the scenery simultaneously rising above it.

The 9 hoops symboize that we constitute a unity on our round globe.

To the Brenderup inhabitants, it will symbolize whether you are en route into the world or coming home.

The Brenderup Globe is designed by Ole Flensted.

The sponsors

The re-erection of the Brenderup Globe was made possible by financial support from: Albani Fonden, Energi Fyns almene Fond, Familien Justesens Fond, Middelfart Industriforenings Fond, DagliBrugsen Brenderup, Fakta Brenderup, Brenderup Laegehus, Middelfart Kommune, and many locals have contributed: KH-toemrerne, Murerfirmaet Joergen Lundsgaard, Boye Jensen minientreprise, Gelsted Transport, Hans Nygaard smedie, Brenderup og Omegns Erhvervsforening, Brenderup Hoejskole, Flensted Mobiles and private support.

The history of the Brenderup Globe

The first Globe was erected in 1988 by the “Guild to the Preservation of the Globe”, which was constituted by local people, institutions and companies, a.o. Brenderup High School, the Geografforlag and Flensted Mobiles. The Guild was given the possibility of taking over the main stage requisite, a 5 meter high globe used in “The Mystery Plays” at the Theater of Gladsaxe, Zealand. However, in 2013 after 25 years, a heavy storm blew down the old wooden globe.

The new Globe Guild

was consituted in 2014. Its aim was to re-erect the land mark.

The Globe Guild invites you to climb the hill with the Brenderup Globe: sit down for a while and meditate. Feel how the world turns around you – and Brenderup!

Take care of your head: the Globe is very solid.