Frequently asked questions

How long can a Flensted Mobile last?

Many people have called us and said they have inherited a mobile. A person had inherited a Science Fiction from her grandmother – who had had it for 30 years! In our home and mobile center we have tested the mobiles and we can tell you that we have had the same mobile hanging for more than 20 years.

How can I clean my mobile?

Mobiles made of cardboard should only be “dusted” with a soft brush. Mobiles made of wood, aluminum or plastic can also be wiped with a moist cloth with a few drops of mild detergent used for dish washing.

Can your mobiles hang outdoors?

No. Since mobiles are extremely sensitive to the simplest whiff of air, hanging them outside is definitely not recommendable.

Do your mobiles fade?

In many of our mobiles we use plastic foil, and this material is lightproof and easy to clean. Other of our mobiles are made of cardboard. Even though we use the highest quality cardboard, it will fade over the years. NO kinds of cardboard are lightproof. Red colours fade more than blue colours. You can delay fading by hanging the mobile out of direct sunlight.

Did you know?

Almost all of our mobiles can be fixed to your ceiling by only a very tiny nail. You don’t need to drill and hang in a hook.

Above your bed

is plenty of room. Hang even one of our bigger mobiles over the foot of your bed, and watch the tranquilizing movement of the mobile in whole or the changing form of the figures.

How and where should I hang my mobile?

If you treat your mobile with care, you will be able to enjoy its movements and changing shapes for many years to come. When hanging up your mobile, try it in different places and bear in mind the following suggestions and precautions:
  • The mobile is designed to be a pleasure to the eye and a stimulus to the imagination. Do hang out of reach of children. It is not a toy.
  • Hang it away from direct sunlight, to avoid the colours fading and the shapes distorting.
  • Hang it where there is some movement of air but no strong draught. A slow, quiet movement is the essence of the mobile. Do not hang it outdoors.
  • Where practical, hang the mobile where it has a subdued, uniform background. A corner position against light-coloured walls is often the best location.
  • If possible, hang it in the light from a lamp. The shadow that the mobile casts onto a wall or ceiling will give the mobile yet another dimension. A candle is a concentrated light source which will produce distinct, well-defined shadows.
  • Try to hang the mobile where you can watch it while listening to music. You will see the mobile move to the rhythm of the music.
  • Most of our mobiles are “super-light” – a lot of them do not weigh much more than a standard letter. Consequently hanging them from the ceiling can be done by very simple means and a very small nail – even a pushpin or thumb tag – will do. Only a few of our very large mobiles need a small hook.
  • To hang the mobile: If you cannot put a clue or a pin in your ceiling (e.g. you have a concrete ceiling) – you can use TESA Powerstrip – which is available in most office shops.