Science Fiction: The most beautiful mobile of the milky way?

The founder and first mobile-maker Christian Flensted often used play to promote good ideas – even the simplest and most elegant such as Science Fiction

A world of sun, moon and stars

At Flensted Mobiles we search both high and low for inspiration for our mobiles. We look inside ourselves, out into the world around us – and even out into outer space, where in 1955 Christian Flensted found inspiration for what has since become an absolute classic in our range – the mobile Science Fiction.


With its extremely simple form – with a ‘planet’ or ‘moon’ at the centre and a number of rings around it – Science Fiction symbolises something that most of us can recognise: a universe of sun, moon and stars in outer space.


To some people, Science Fiction is the simplest of its kind – perhaps even the most beautiful of the Milky Way, because it unites the central qualities of the Flensted universe: elegant elements in motion around each other.


When Christian Flensted made the ‘stork mobile’ in the early 1950s, he can hardly have imagined that it would lead to more than 250 other mobiles, including Science Fiction

On a creative journey into space

The hub of Science Fiction from Flensted Mobiles is the small moon at the centre, around which the rings of the planets turn. This causes a fascinating interaction between the materials – and between light and shade.


It would be almost impossible to create a simpler, more elegant and yet expressive mobile than Science Fiction, which is now available as the original, classic red ‘moon’ at the centre – or with a ‘moon’ made out of wood

If you hang Science Fiction up in the right lighting conditions, it will cast fantastic shadows onto the wall and take you on the creative journey into space that Christian Flensted himself undertook in the mid 1950s.

Red planet and bright star

In the original, classic version of Science Fiction, the moon at the centre was always a red orb, surrounded by black planet rings. Flensted Mobiles has recently launched a new version, Science Fiction Nature, where the mobile moves around a light globe of wood. This offers you new possibilities when it comes to colours, tastes and interior design.