The classic designer gift

Make your gift an everlasting memory

Are you on the look-out for a unique gift that will give the recipient pleasure and enthusiasm for many years to come? Then you cannot go wrong with one of one many fine mobiles with a classic design.


Mobiles are small works of art – they bring any interior space to life. Not only are they elegant in themselves, they are constantly in motion, changing their appearance, and when the sun shines, they create beautiful shadow play on the wall. The timeless graphic look makes them suitable to hang up everywhere, and they will suit practically every home.


At the same time, Flensted Mobiles have all the qualities that typify classic Danish design: The brilliant concept. The clear lines. The quality materials. The combination of the simple yet extremely expressive, the stylish and the timeless.


Here you see our Science Fiction Nature mobile (FM-008an)

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