Symphony – A mobile with music for the eyes

The beautiful natural material wood is also included in a whole range of Flensted Mobiles. Wood adds warmth and charm to the mobiles

Tunes in the air

Inspiration for Flensted Mobiles has come from a wide range of sources over the years, but music has definitely been a conceptual thread for many of our ideas. The lovely, elegant Symphony has even got its name from the world of music, where a symphony is a composition for whole orchestra that is divided into three or four movements.


The word itself is made up of two Greek words for something harmonious: sun-‘together’ + phōnē ‘sound’. (attune) In the Flensted Symphony, it is the idea, the materials and the air that play a symphony together.

With Mozart in our ears

Ever since 1972, Symphony has been a classic in our range – created with inspiration coming from one of the truly great composers in the history of music. For it was while listening to Mozart that Ole Flensted got the idea for the mobile, which both reflects the dancing of the notes and the flow of the quill pen over the sheet of music paper.


Symphony from Flensted, which is now also available in an impressive supersize version, looks fantastic when suspended above a piano – or when creating a joyful atmosphere in your favourite corner!


Symphony is almost ready to be hung from the ceiling and have a musician play from its ‘notes’ dancing in the air in front of him

Just click and watch Symphony play – in the elegant, clear-lined and simple natural