Right from the start: playful and childlike mobiles

The very first mobile with the three storks was the first one which the founder of the firm, Christian Flensted, transformed from an idea into a finished product – the first but far from the last mobile to have a charming, childlike expression


For everyone

Mobiles from Flensted are able to do something for people of all ages, no matter the country or culture. For there is something playful and childlike throughout the Flensted universe that appeals to most people.


So it is hardly surprising that the very first mobile, ‘The Stork Mobile’ from 1953 that Christian Flensted made for his new-born daughter Mette had this universal childlike quality about it – with its three elegant storks.



Popular mobiles, where there are children (and parents) about

Since then, there have been clowns, whales, trains, frogs, boats, cars, childhood figures, elephants, Moomins, dogs, horses, cats, pixies, seals – and many more motifs besides.


This has made the mobiles popular in children’s rooms, above the changing table, in the waiting room, at schools, in day nurseries – and everywhere where children (and parents) about.



In the air, over one’s head, hanging from the ceiling, our mobiles offer inspiration, diversion and an eye-catcher with a calming effect for the very young

The mobile’s sea horses dance and prance in the air like they do in the water in their highly distinctive way – and children love all our charming mobiles with animal motifs