Movement and balance

We work creatively with shapes, colours and materials when the good, fun ideas are to be transformed into mobiles that give you both motion and balance

Find serenity, live in the now

The world around you is in constant motion and always on the move. So you may well need peace and quiet to collect your thoughts. Find inspiration. Relax. Think new thoughts. Think more. Or maybe even occasionally think less.


A mobile from Flensted gives you all this at one go: Serenity, revitalising thoughts and a renewed inspiration to live in the now. Let Flensted mobiles brighten and embellish your world – and let their elegant, playful dance with the air bring you vitality, inspiration and serenity.

Shifting and speeding colours and shapes

Here at Flensted Mobiles we love to add a positive feel to your everyday life when linking our materials, often no more than a millimetre thick, to a good idea – and adding to this all our tradition, quality and creativity. This results in colours and shapes that move in a way similar to Mother Earth’s constant movement on its orbit round the sun.


This means that the elements of a mobile actually move at a speed of 107,136 km/h and 29,76 km/s. Not bad going for a few lengths of thread, a little metal and some pieces of coloured material…


A good idea, a couple of thin threads, a little metal and some pieces of cardboard in certain shapes and colours – et voilà: An inspiring mobile

Just click and watch an absolute classic as it quietly and calmly moves, creating tranquillity and adding a beautiful touch to its surroundings