Flensted was inspired by the magic of mathematics

Number speak their own fascinating language and have provided inspiration for Square Root 9 from Flensted Mobiles

Classic and iconic

To some people, mathematics is a fusty, boring world. To others, it is magical and fascinating.To the founder of the firm, Christian Flensted, mathematics was to prove the inspiration for one of the absolute classics of the Flensted Mobile range – the iconic ’Square Root of 9’, which he designed in 1972. Since then, this and all Flensted Mobiles have been handcrafted in Denmark.


Fantastic shadow pictures

’Square Root of 9’ can be compared to a painting and a work of art with its constantly changing, yet completely simple forms and figures. There is, though, a crucial difference between the Flensted classic and artworks that hang on a wall: This mobile artwork is to hang 33 cm out from the wall. At the same time, like Flensted’s other mobiles, it is a mobile work of art that casts the most fantastic shadow pictures.


The hooks to hang up ’Square Root of 9’ are included in the box.



The nine black circles – with their holes and small wooden balls – create a unique play of shadows on the wall. Static yet in constant motion at one and the same time