Lovely gifts for a hostess

More personal than flowers

You know the feeling well – you’re off for an evening out. Looking forward to good company and good food. You clothes lie ready. But what are you to take with you as a present for the hostess? Not chocolates or flowers again! Why not choose a gift that your hostess will get much longer lasting pleasure from than the more traditional hostess presents – a mobile from Flensted Mobiles?


And it’s even a gift you in many ways can tailor to suit the person about to receive it – with motifs, names and small stories that fit the person about to receive it. At the same time, you can find a mobile that fits the surroundings it is destined for – as regards shape, colours and expression. No matter whether it is to be modern and simple, or colourful and ingenious.


Here you see our Flying Flowers mobile (FM-157)

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