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Life & Thread, white & gold

Designed by Ole Flensted


Our mobile, Life and Thread, proofs with its large wingspan that it can encompass a whole universe.


It contains everything when it invites you to follow its movements. Here you will meet not only heaven and earth, night and day, but also light and dark, reflection and action, or balance and movement.


It moves around each other, like a dance of a small globe and the white sails. Accept the invitation and dance along.


The size of Life and Thread makes it ideal for hanging above a bed, desk, or sofa, so only a turn of your head gives you answers to your search for inspiration.


With its white sails and golden rods, this version of Life and Thread has a soft – even feminine – character that interacts successfully with any surroundings.


Dimensions 125 cm


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Colours: Gold
Sizes: 70 x 125
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Weight 308 g
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 3.5 cm


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Ole Flensted

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70 x 125

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