Free Mind, multicolour

Designed by Ole Flensted


“You are what you THINK you are.”

What do you see here?

Do you see four strips folded three times, held together with rings, mounted on a string with a wooden ball?


Or do you see four happy, free individuals?


You see: YOU are the one to decide! These simple materials can only become four happy, free individuals if YOU decide they can. In the same way, only YOU can decide what you will see, and what you will get out of this very day. For you are the author and interpreter of your life.


See everything you meet today in the light you wish to see it. Your way of interpreting what you meet in your life influences the rest of your life. Positive energy creates more positive energies not only in yourself but in the people you surround yourself with. Through your thoughts you can nudge your life in the direction you want.


The day is new. Fresh and unused. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.

Hang this mobile up close to your bed or somewhere you can see it as the first thing in the morning. When you wake up, or lie there looking at the mobile, let it remind you that the day can become what you make of it.


Let these four, free souls help to keep you maintain that focus.


Ole Flensted, August 2012


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Colours: Multicolor
  • Mobiler og uro med motiv
  • Mobiler og uro med motiv
  • Mobiler og uro med motiv

Mobile information

Mobile nr.:



Free Mind, multicolour




Serigraphical foil, Wood

Size H x W cm:

65 x 45


Ole Flensted

Design year:


EAN no.:





Dimension L × W × H cm:

30.5 × 21 × 2.5 cm

Volume cdm:


Total gr.:


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