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Mirage, black & white

Designed by Ole Flensted


Mirage show us the dreams, we want realized. Mirage is a dream of a mobile.


The mobile is a floating reminder, that we need to keep on chasing our dreams and keep believing, so they become real.


Mirage gives visions in the horizon, that can motivate and push forward, when setting up new goals.


A mirroring in balance and movement happens. Keep chasing your dreams – no matter the size


When a mirage arises outdoor, it is the warm and cold air that is involved. The same air catch hold of our Mirage and set it in motion and afterwards creates balance.


Look forward for your mirage and seize your dreams!


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Colours: Black
Sizes: 60 x 60
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Weight 163 g
Dimensions 50.5 × 10.5 × 3 cm


Design year



Ole Flensted

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60 x 60

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