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Designed by Ole Flensted


The sea. Waves of light. A gentle summer breeze over the meadow or down on the shore. the sight of a clear, blue sky.


It could hardly be more simple – and summerlike – than with the Breeze mobile.


From the six steel curves four coloured ‘wings’ spring out that take you off with them.


Let your thoughts run free. Let you think back or forward to beautiful summer days.


At the same time, Breeze is a highly elegant mobile that makes the most of the contrast between the upward sweep of the steel curves and the downward swoop of the ‘wings’.


And that brings us back to the seashore, in the curved seats of the deck chairs and a warm summer breeze playing around us.


Breeze is available as you see it in the photograph, but we have also included a number of colours, so that you can change the colour combination whenever you feel like it.


The small ones: 1 extra yellow and 1 extra black
The large ones: 1 black, I green, 2 grey, 3 yellow and 3 red
(subject to alterations)
The extra colours offer you an endless palette of variants

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Mobile information

Mobile nr.:





Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


Serigraphical foil

Size H x W cm:

70 x 85


Ole Flensted

Design year:


EAN no.:




Dimension L × W × H cm:

40 × 30 × 3.5 cm

Volume cdm:


Total gr.: