Science Fiction, nature

Designed by Christian Flensted


A Flensted Mobile classic that you will never tire of following with your eyes.


New narratives and patterns are constantly being created when the rings dance in orbit around the globe at its centre.


The Science Fiction Mobile makes a fantastic shadow play on the wall if you hang it correctly in relation to a light source.


Science Fiction has roots into the past, but it was re-introduced in the first quarter of the 20th century.


First as a literary genre, then also in films, on radio and television, in animated cartoons and then in mobiles as well!


Common characteristics of the genre is a belief in progress, technology, development, the society of the future – and of the entire universe that surrounds us.


Precise references to space and the universe are highly in evidence in our Science Fiction mobile.


Our Science Fiction mobile was created in 1956 and is still one of our most popular mobiles from Flensted Mobiles.


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