Baby Mobiles

Learn how to support your baby's visual development

Baby mobiles are not only a beautiful way to decorate a nursery or changing area, but it will support your baby's visual development.

Mobiles create important visual experiences

Science has shown that visual experiences are essential to a childs visual development. By choosing the right mobile, you will be able to create these for your baby. The visual experiences mobiles especially supports are:


Experiences that train the eyes ability to focus.


Experiences that train the eyes ability to track and follow objects.

Colors & contrast

Colorful experiences and contrasts, for the eyes to recognize.


0 - 3 months old

Life begins by seeing black and white

When your baby is born, it will only be able to see black and white. Therefore, a mobile with colors will not matter at this point.

Instead, consider a mobile with clear lines, contrasts and patterns. This can be in the mobile itself, or in contrast to your ceiling.

When hanging the mobile, remember to consider how much available space you have, and how far away the mobile should be viewed from. Your baby will only be able to focus on objects 30cm or 12 inches in front of them.

Make sure not to hang the mobile within the reach of your baby.

+3 months old

Starting to see color & train focus

Your baby is beginning to see colors, develop a better focus on objects and improve its perception of space and depth by tracking objects.

To support this development, consider a mobile with plenty of vibrant colors your baby can track and follow with its eyes.

The vibrant colors and the mobiles movement, will catch everyones eyes, including your baby’s.

Not only does this support your baby’s visual development, but it will be a way to entertain your baby while changing the diaper. Maybe even create a cute story and sing songs about the figures on the mobile?

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