Ole captured with Aase in the studio.
He follows in the foot-steps of his father as a designer of mobiles, and is here making the final cuts to a new design. Ole dreams of being able to concentrate on his wild ideas: making mobiles all day long. But thousand of things must be done every day.


Aase is Ole’s “better half”. She is called “Mamma Mobile”. Ole and Aase have been mobile-married for 35 years and have never had a dull moment!

As production manager, Finn sees to it that we keep adequate stocks of mobiles. Although based at the Mobile Center, he also spends a lot of time with the homeworkers, instructing them and devising tools to make it easier for them to assemble and pack the mobiles.

With the help of our 60 year-old Heidelberg press, Erland sees to it that our many home-workers receive precisely-cut components to assemble. He has a lot of knowledge and experience, and likes to show off – just ask him!

Our mobiles are assembled by our skillful and much appreciated staff of homeworkers scattered around the beautiful island of Funen. It takes time, patience, dedication and care to make a mobile. Each mobile is carefully assembled, and balanced by skilful hands. They are packed so that they are ready to hang. Our mobiles are not only designed in Denmark, but also made in Denmark with dignity and frankness.